Kaaren de Zilva

An Oscar winning feature film and several Emmy nominated television shows are among the extensive number of projects Kaaren has worked on over the past 25 years as a professional actor.

Some of the more critically acclaimed projects include Juno, 13th Warrior, Supernatural, Fringe and The L Word. Kaaren currently co-stars on the popular television series Siren.
As an acting instructor as well as drawing on her day to day experiences on various film and television sets, Kaaren also utilizes her years of training with several renowned acting teachers including Los Angeles based Ivana Chubbuck and Larry Moss and Vancouver based Mel Tuck. Over the years she has also acquired many tools and teaching techniques from her extensive knowledge of iconic acting teachers including Constantin Stanislavski, Uta Hagen and Stella Adler.
Kaaren is passionate about the craft of acting. Her classes focus on guiding her students to their most truthful execution of the material. Authenticity, honesty, and the search for truth are the core fundamentals of her classes. Kaaren encourages her students to fearlessly and without judgement uncover the universal humanity in every character they play.