How do I sign up?

Complete our on-line registration form. Registration details are here

When do classes start? How long do they run?

Classes generally begin at the start of each month and last 4 weeks in duration

Do you offer online classes?

Yes, there are several online options that are globally available. Visit our online class descriptions hereAll class times are stated in the Pacific Time Zone. 

Do you offer online coachings and tapings online?

Yes. Deb Podowski offers online coaching sessions and online tapings through either: Skype, Zoom or FaceTime.

Visit our Private Coaching/Taping section here for more information. All class times are stated in the Pacific Time Zone.

I am a beginning actor. Which class is best for me?

There are several options available. Kaaren de Zilva teaches an Acting for Film and Television class on Sunday’s.  

Deb Podowski teaches a Fundamentals of Acting for Beginners class which is in an online format through Zoom.us and the Zoom app is free to download.

Deb’s online Fundamentals of Acting for Beginners online class is a prerequisite for beginning actors who eventually want to enroll in either of her other classes: Mastering Scene Study or Advancing the Audition On-Camera class.

Can I come by and visit Deb Podowski Acting Studio (DPAS) without an appointment?

No. DPAS does not allow unscheduled drop-ins. The Studio is extremely busy and we are likely running a class or we are in a taping/coaching session.

How do I pay for a class or a taping/coaching?

Once you have been accepted into class, you will be contacted by your teacher regarding payment instructions. The two most common forms of payment are: e-transfer and PayPal. Payment must be made before your first class or before your scheduled taping or private coaching session.

How do I get my scene(s) for first class?

Scenes will be handed out during your first class. You do not need to prepare any material, just show up and be ready to work. It is recommended that all students be off book for second class.
Online classes will have all material emailed to students ahead of first class.

Where are you located? Where can I park?

Our address is 158 Powell Street.
We are located in downtown Vancouver (Gastown) between the cross streets Powell Street and Main Street.
There is metered street parking on both sides of Powell Street.
Visit our Contact page here for a general map of the area.

I want to audit a class. How do I do this?


Can I audit an online class?

No, audits are not allowed in our online class setting.

If I miss a class(es) will I be reimbursed? What if I booked a gig?

Please thoroughly check your schedule before enrolling in class. All payments are non-refundable. There are no refunds or deferrals for missed class(es).

I have filled out a registration form and have not heard back from Deb Podowski Acting Studio. What should I do?

Hang tight! Once a registration form is filled out DPAS is instantly notified.
Students currently enrolled in class get first refusal on the upcoming months class session. When a spot does become available the next person on the registration list will be contacted immediately.

I want to enroll in Deb Podowski’s Wednesday Mastering Scene Study for intermediate/advanced actors.
What is the criteria for joining this class?

Deb will only take on intermediate and advanced actors for Mastering Scene Study Wednesday class. Generally, actors that are series leads, or that regularly book guest-star and recurring roles are enrolled in the Wednesday class.  The curriculum is quite challenging.