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Curtis Lum

I have 10+ years training with Deb and not only has she been an amazing coach, but she has also become a great friend and mentor. From day one Deb has always been in my corner and treated me with nothing but love and care. I will always appreciate her for never letting me settle for mediocrity; striving to “be better“ and always pushing me to reach higher for my potential.
Thank you Deb!

Curtis Lum, “Siren”

Sachin Sahel

I moved to Vancouver in 2008 with the hopes of becoming an actor. I didn’t know where to start. I found Debs class online back even before it was the Mecca of success and guidance it is now. I was immediately hooked by how involved she was with each student and how EACH AND EVERY class EVERY student was given the opportunity to grow.
Without her persistent effort to make me a better actor there is no way I would be where I am today. No way.
I don’t know how a coach can somehow take a personal interest in each of her students and cater to each of their individual needs and growth but Deb does just that. She has a passion and drive for this industry that is reserved normally for coaches of athletes and trainers. Her coaching style isn’t to “try and sound like a coach” by using fancy jargon or outdated methods but to get you where you need to go how YOU need to get there; to make you a more complete compassionate actor and more importantly, a better scene partner.
If you’re looking for classes and a coach that involve you in a community of good people, no ego, and a way to grow yourself exponentially, this is the class and coach for you.
Acting progression shouldn’t be counted by how much you work, I don’t believe in that, but that being said, I have never seen people go from “a rut” to “working actor” faster than when they join her studio.
It’s not magic, it’s effort and hard work and it’s something she instills in your soul, and then let’s you fly on your own.
I know this was supposed to be just a testimonial but the best testimonial is a thank you and that’s what this is, to the coach and mentor who changed my life.
Go to her class. Thanks Deb.

Sachin Sahel, (Jackson)  “The 100”

Lola Flanery

Deb has pushed me as an actor and as a person in so many different ways. She taught me how to utilize my real life experiences and put them into my work. The tools she gave me will continue to carry me through my acting career.

Lola Flanery (Madi) “The 100”

Foxtel – Nurses

There is no stopping our very own superstar Tiera Skovbye. You probably recognize her playing Polly Cooper on Riverdale, or the character Robin in Once Upon a Time? Well, if you haven’t seen those popular shows you can see her playing the Series Lead in “Nurses,” or the upcoming TV Series “Dirty John”. Congrats on all of your successes Tiera!

Sarah Dugdale – Virgin River

Sarah has been a fixture at Deb Podowski Acting Studio since she was 14 years old. It’s been an amazing ride for our very own Sarah Dugdale. Coming off several recent movies, she is now Series Lead on Netflix popular “Virgin River.” The future shines bright for Sarah!